why do i feel nauseous at night

Why Do I Feel Nauseous at Night and How to Fix It?

Nausea (morning sickness) can happen anytime. Usually, it occurs in the morning. However, sometimes nausea also happens at night. I also have ever experienced it. Why do I feel nauseous at night? Finally, I found the answer and know how to treat this problem.

Morning-sickness at night can be caused by some factors. This article also explains how to treat this condition.

The Common Causes of Nausea at Night

what causes nausea at night
What causes nausea is various. One of the most common causes of nausea and vomiting in the middle of night is stress. It usually happens to those who are busy all day and it leads to stress or even anxiety. Besides that, morning sickness also belongs to the most common factors that cause night nausea. It does not only happen to pregnant women but also men.

Then, night nausea can also be caused by gastrointestinal illness. Usually it happens because of bacteria or viruses. In addition, some cases show that heartburn and indigestion can lead to night nausea.

For example, it happens to someone who has dinner with certain foods that cause upset stomach. Another common cause is alcoholic beverages. People who drink alcohol have higher risk to experience nausea at night.

How to Fix Nausea at Night

After knowing the reasons for night nausea, let’s understand how to fix it. There are many ways to treat this condition:

Easing the Signs

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You can try acupressure on your wrist. It can help you keep away from night nausea. Besides, you can also consider using motion sickness bands. Then, you may also try using aromatherapy oils such as peppermint or lavender.

Eating Certain Foods

There are some foods that can help you from night nausea such as banana, rice, applesauce & toast. Besides, you can also consider bland foods. Then, you also must avoid foods that are spicy, fatty and greasy.

Drinking Certain Beverages

Drinking much water will help you fix night nausea. Besides, tea will also be helpful. Then, it will also be a good idea to drink carbonated beverages such as citrus or ginger ale flavored carbonated drinks.